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This tutorial is for those that have a working knowledge of PSP. This tutorial was written by me on this 8th day of August 2010 and any resemblance is purely coincidental. I used PSP 9, but any version should work. I do not allow my tutorials to be translated and please do not claim them as your own. If you would like to share the tutorial please send a link to my blog.

The materials you will need:
• Scrap kit: I used Juicy Bits Angelic PTU Kit which you can find here
• 2 tubes of choice I used the work of Pinuptoons you must have a license to use his work and can purchase one from CILM

Lets Begin:

1. Open a new image 600x600
2.Open frame06 and frame07 resize both by 65%
3.Paste frame06 as a new layer and slightly rotate to the left
4.Paste frame07 as a new layer to the right of our other frame and rotate slightly to the right
(look at my tag for reference)
5.Now you will want to use your selection tool (point to point, feather 1) and select the top frame where it overlaps and select it then hit delete on your keyboard once.
6.Merge visible
7.Select inside our brown frame with our magic wand
8.Selections- Modify- Expand by 3
9.Open paper 3 and paste as a new layer
11.Hit delete once on your keyboard
12.Now select inside our red frame with your magic wand
13.Selections- modify-Expand by 3
14.Paste paper14 as a new layer
15.Selections- Invert
16.Hit delete once on your keyboard and move this layer to the bottom
17.Open one of the roses and resize by 50% and paste as a new layer on our working image
18.Open leaf two and resize to your liking
19.Paste as a new layer and slightly rotate them to your liking (look at my tag for reference)
20.I duplicated them to my liking and changed the color of one on each side to a green leaf
21.Add your tubes within the frames
22.Add a drop shadow to both tubes
23.Add any additional elements at this time. (I added the glitters to the background)
24.Add your name and copyrights.


My Disclosure

My tutorials are just that- Mine.In other words I really don't want them on other sites or translated. If you would like to share my tutorial then please do just that by sharing the link to my blog or a link straight to the tutorial. At the time I write the tutorial I use the artists website at the time as well as the kit designers link at the time and it would take quite some time to go back and edit all of my tutorials and posts to reflect all changes that happen. So if by chance you cant find something or a link I provided has gone bad please contact me and I will do my best to help! I write tutorials in hopes that others will use them as a guide and send me their results so I can also post others results to show people other samples other than my own. All tutorials are written by me and any resemblance is purely coincidental. I write my tutorials in PSP 9 but they should work with other versions as well. Not all tutorials are for beginners but all levels of creators are encouraged to try working on the following tutorials!!! Have fun... and be copyright safe!!!!


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