Always List and new tag

When I am creating I tend to do a lot of it.... This week I have managed to get somethings done and have an always list on both yahoo groups HERE and Facebook HERE. I am just really trying to make some use of time that I just spend sitting around thinking about things and I could be doing something constructive.... So I have made my new facebook group header and a new tag today

 Hope your having a great day!!!



New Tag- Misfits Scrap Challenge

So I am a Creative Misfit and oh so proud to be... I did the Scrap Challenge using the Scrap Kit "Fruit Garden" by Dreamworld Design. Its a great kit with lots of possibilities but this is what I came up with...

the Tube used is by the Talented Sheena Pike which can be purchased here at Creative Design Outlet 



Okay Lets get this Party Started

I am absolutely going to be making a serious effort to get back into this habit I so loved.... I absolutely need some "Me" time. I have always enjoyed PSP but somewhere along the way I lost the urge to create and that's so not me. I have put soooooo much into this hobby whether it be time devoted or even financially.. I realize I cant just throw this all away... this IS ME!!! I will have my days of no MoJo but I am going to be trying my hardest to get back to doing something I loved doing. I have a lot going on in my life and on my mind, that I seriously need a break or a way to escape so PSP here I come....