9 Lives Tutorial



This tutorial is for those that have a working knowledge of PSP. This tutorial was written by me on August 27, 2018 and any resemblance is purely coincidental. I use PSP 9, but any version should work. I do not allow my tutorials to be translated and please do not claim them as your own. If you would like to share the tutorial, please send a link to my blog.  Thank you!

Things Needed: -
·        Tube/Image of choice: I am using the wonderful tubes of Jeff Haynie Pack 17, which you can purchase here at CDO https://www.cdoestore.com/product-p/jeffhayniepackage-17.htm
·         Kit of choice: No Kit Needed
·         Plugins: &bkg designer sf10 II FHPatchwork, &bkg designer sf10 III VMT_Trimosaic CG, xero-fritillary
·         Masks: None
·         Template: None
·         Font of Choice: I used ProMesh which was a giveaway at Creative Fabrica with their 300 days of giveaways
·         Animation, or other items used: None
Let’s Begin:
1.)    Open a new image 851 x 310
2.)    Paste your two to three tubes of choice, if needed please resize (you can look at my screenshot for a reference:
3.)    Effects- Muras Meister with the following settings
5.)    Repeat
6.)    Duplicate this layer
7.)    On our bottom layer apply Effect-Xero-Fritillary at default settings
8.)    On our duplicate layer Adjust- Blur -Gaussian Blur -10
9.)    Effects- Filters Unlimited 2.0 - &bkg designer sf10 II FH Patchwork with the following settings
11.)  Change this layer’s blend mode to hard light
12.)  Effects- Filters Unlimited 2.0 - &bkg designer sf10 III VMT_Trimosaic CG with default settings
14.)  Effects- Edge Effects Enhance
15.)  Repeat this one more time
16.)  Now copy and paste your tubes as a new layer on our working image
17.)  Again, resize to your liking and place to your liking
18.)  Move your two outer tube layers below our hardlight layer
19.)  Add a nice drop shadow to all your tube layers
20.)  Add a new raster layer
21.)  Flood fill this layer with a dark but complementary color
22.)  Selections- modify- contract by 5 and hit delete on your keyboard
23.)  Selections- modify- contract by 2
24.)  Fill with a medium color
25.)  Selections- modify- contract by 2
26.)  Selections select none
27.)  Adjust- add noise- Gaussian 65% Monochrome checked
28.)  Add your drop shadow once more here
29.)  Now add your texts and copyrights
30.)  Export as a jpg or a png your choice here
I would love to see what you came up with… Please feel free to email me your results and then I can put it on my blog with a link back to your site 😊


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