August CT work CDO- SeaLife and Splish Splash

***CDO CT*** Required
Featuring art by ©Marika www.lovemarika.weebly.com
You can by her tubes at CDO https://www.cdoestore.com
Such a cute and sassy tube. Tag name splish splash.
You can find extras HERE:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/zd44gpajjkjq5hm/MarikaExtras01.zip?dl=0

***CDO CT*** Required
Featuring art by ©Simona Candini www.simonacandini.com  
You can by her tubes at CDO https://www.cdoestore.com
Adorable Mermaid whose dream is to find love and is willing to search
Forever on land and in sea.  Tag name SeaLife
You can find extras HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e9y5wxcn8yyjyks/SCE.zip?dl=0


Autumn Beauty

***CT for Savage Dezines. ,
Two Peas in a Pod, and; All Dolled up Store CT,
Tag Artist 1: ©Barbara Jensen www.barbarajensentubes.com
Tag Artist 2: PinkDollBubble  http://sweet-pinup.de/
A Stunning kit filled with all kinds of autumn goodies
Including a beautiful tube by Julia Fox or even the lil cutie
I used by Pink  Bubble. You get 165 elements, 10 frames,
And 25 amazing papers to work with and make you feel like
You are surrounded by Nature and enjoying Autumns Beauty.
Trees Leaves, branches, flowers, pumpkins, Lanterns. Candles and
so much more. Hop on over and grab this great kit from one of these
awesome stores 
Two Peas In a Pod:
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NIx Tags CT For Ishika Chowdhury Resultscar

***CT for Ishika Chowdhury
Nix Tube found here at Scraps and Company
Beautiful Mermaid tube named Nix, comes in
Multiple colors for the tail, crown, and
Head on over to Scraps N Company and
Snag her up today! You can find her here:
There are two matching kits one by
Kizzed by Kelz called Nix which can be purchased
and another by Lil Mzs . Brainstorm which is
currently not in any stores.

ADU_Beauty Mermaid CT results

***All Dolled Up CT***
Kit: Beauty Mermaid by All Dolled Up
Tag Artist: ©Joel Adams www.lilznet
mermaid Beauty us just what the title says.
there are 10 stunning papers, and 100 oceans
Life elements... This kit had me humming songs to
the popular mermaid movie! LOL.. It's stuffed with fish,
shells, coral, plants, and even a few pretty flowers
this kit will Make your tags come to life!! Head on over
and snag This incredible kit from here:
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