Purplicious Diva Tutorial

This tutorial is for those that have a working knowledge of PSP. This tutorial was written by me on December 27, 2014 and any resemblance is purely coincidental. I use PSP 9, but any version should work. I do not allow my tutorials to be translated and please do not claim them as your own. If you would like to share the tutorial please send a link to my blog.  Thank you!

Things Needed:
  • Tube/Image of choice:  I am using an awesome tube by Barbara Jensen which is a bonus tube that is only available until December 30th at midnight.
  • Kit of choice: I am using a beautiful kit by Whispy’s  D’zines called Purplicious which can be purchased from Dzines from the Heart.
  • Plugins: none needed
  • Masks/Templates: Mask of Choice 

  • Let’s Begin:
  • 1.       Open a new transparent image 600 x 600 (this is going to be called our working image)
  • 2.       Open wd_purp_el27.png and paste as a new layer on our working image
  • 3.       Resize this layer by 85%
  • 4.       Click inside our circle layer using the magic wand
  • 5.       Selections- Modify- Expand by 10%
  • 6.       Create a new raster layer
  • 7.       Open a paper of your choosing and copy
  • 8.       Back on our working image make sure that our new blank raster layer is highlighted
  • 9.       Paste into selection
  • 10.   Selections- Select none
  • 11.   Move this layer beneath our frame layer
  • 12.   Open wd_purp_el29.png and resize in by 65%
  • 13.   Image- Mirror
  • 14.   Image- Flip
  • 15.   Adjust sharpness
  • 16.   Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image
  • 17.   Move this layer to the top and place to your liking (I chose the bottom right)
  • 18.   Add a nice drop shadow to make the glitter element pop- I used 0,0,100,5 Black
  • 19.   Open wd_purp_el28.png and resize by 65% and again by 80%
  • 20.   Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image
  • 21.   Again place to your liking
  • 22.   Open wd_purp_el34.png and resize by 50% and then again by 75% and copy
  • 23.   Paste as a new layer on our working image and place in the center of our bow
  • 24.   Adjust and sharpen this layer (it will add a tad of sparkle to the heart as well as sharpen the view
  • 25.   Open wd_purp_el16.png and resize by 35%
  • 26.   Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image
  • 27.   Move to the top of our heart with the hole in it
  • 28.   Now open a flower of your choosing and resize to your liking and place over the ribbon
  • 29.   Add a nice drop shadow
  • 30.   Now at this point add your tube and move it below the layers you want to be in front of the tube
  • 31.   If you are satisfied add your copyrights and name at this time otherwise keep reading
  • 32.   Merge your layers visible
  • 33.   Open another paper of your choosing and move it to the bottom
  • 34.   Apply the mask of your choosing
  • 35.   Merge group
  • 36.   Adjust –add noise of 40% (or to your liking)
  • 37.   Merge Visible
  • 38.   Add copyrights and your name at this time
  • 39.   Export image as a PNG and whoo hoo we are done

Thank you for trying my tutorial- I hope you are happy with your results. I would love to see what you come up with so feel free to email your results to me.