New Beginnings Clusters and Quick Page

Today I bring you three Cluster Frames and a Quick page using another beautiful kit from Laurrie of CheyOkota Digital Scraps called New Beginnings which you can find HERE. This kit is amazing and I  hope that you all like the Freebies I made for you using this kit. All of these freebies are for personal use only and are Fullsize so that you can fit your pictures in them. I would love to see anything that you make using these goodies.

Here are the previews:


Quick Page Download  HERE
and here is what I did with the Quick Page...
I absolutely love my children and I thought even though this was flowery and a tad on the girly side I could argue that it is blue in color and its wintery... LOL


Some Tutorial Results for Zindys FB Challenge

I did the challenge that Zindy S.D. Nielsen had on facebook and I love how some of them turned out so I wanted to share some of my results:


Winter Wren Cluster Frames and Quick Page

Well I just couldnt get enough of this kit. I have the tutorial that I posted on Decemeber 3rd that uses this same kit, I have 3 cluster frames to match this kit, and now I made my first Quick Page/Layout and it just shows how much can be done with Laurries beautiful kits. With over 100 elements anything is possible!!! All of these items were done using Winter Wrens a kit by Laurrie which you can purchase from: here.

Here is a sample of my quickpage that I made with my childs photo when he was younger.

Now below is a picture of the QuickPage/layout without the picture, as you see its hollow so you can add your picture of choice if you so desire.

Now Below I have 3 Cluster Frames that you can also use for your own photos and you can find the link below.


First Snow

This tutorial is for those that have a working knowledge of PSP. This tutorial was written by me on December 3,2012 and any resemblance is purely coincidental. I use PSP 9, but any version should work. I do not allow my tutorials to be translated and please do not claim them as your own. If you would like to share the tutorial please send a link to my blog.  Thank you!
Things Needed:

Tube/Image of choice:  I am using the work of the talented artist Zindy S.D. Nielsen
Kit of choice: I am using a kit by Laurrie which you can purchase from here.
Plugins: Penta- Jeans
Masks/Templates: None Needed
Let’s Begin:
       1.)    Open a new image 600 x 600 72DPI (this will be called our working image)
2.)    Open  image136.png from the frames folder (it’s a square frame with newspaper like writing)
3.)    Using your selection tool select the center of the frame (since there is a shadow we have to use the selection tool to make sure we get the entire center)
4.)    Open a paper of your choosing ( I am using paper04.jpg in the papers folder)

5.)    Resize the paper to sizing of your choice (I resized by 18%)

6.)    Now paste this as a new layer 

7.)    Move this layer beneath our frame layer

8.)    Selections- Invert – and hit delete on the key board

9.)    Open image 007.png in our element folder

10.) Resize by 20% and again by 60%

11.) Now paste as a new layer and move it to the right of the frame and place to your liking

12.) Add a nice drop shadow to the greenery I use the following settings 0,0,100,5 black

13.) Open image011.png and resize by 20%

14.) Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image

15.) Rotate by 90% and place to your liking (I chose to rotate a little more)

16.) Duplicate- Image- Mirror

17.) Now place to your liking again

18.) Add a nice drop shadow

19.) Adjust-Sharpness- Sharpen

20.) Open Image 074.png and resize by 10%

21.) Rotate to the right by 90%

22.) Again place to your liking

23.) Duplicate this layer

24.) Resize by 60%

25.) Image- Mirror

26.) Again place to your liking (you can look at my tag for reference)

27.) Open image 099.png and resize by 10%

28.) Paste as a new layer on our working image

29.) Place to your liking

30.) Duplicate this layer 2 times and move them to your liking

31.) Open image100.png

32.) Image-resize by 10%

33.) Copy and paste as a new layer

34.) Now place to your liking (I moved it under all other layers but it still shows)

35.) If needed look at my tag for reference

36.) Duplicate- Image- Mirror

37.) Image- flip

38.) Now move the other into place (to your liking)

39.) Open image009.png and resize by 10%

40.) Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image

41.) Place to the left side of our tag to your liking (I have the bird peeking thru the branches)

42.) Add your drop shadow again

43.) Open the ribbon of choice and resize to fit your working image

44.) Open image059.png and resize to fit in the center of our ribbon

45.) Now at this time add any other elements you desire at this point

46.)  Now add your tube

47.) Merge all layers visible

48.) Duplicate this layer now

49.)  Adjust-Blur-gaussian blur- radius of 3

50.) Effects- penta- penta jeans at default setting

51.) Now set your layer opacity to hard light and lower the setting to 40 (or to your liking)

52.) Add your text at this time and we are all finished 

Thank you for trying my tutorial I hope you like the results… I would love to see your results.