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My Name is Carmin I am a 42 Year old Mother to 2 Handsome young men.I at times feel overwhelmed with my health, so WHEN and IF I ever get time I like to play in PSP.I have been working with PSP for just over 20 years now, even though there was a lot of trial and error learning on my own, I got by... I am now trying to learn to also create in photoshop.Talk about trial and error lol. Im new to the whole scrapping aspect of things and as I create and learn I will share them with you. Thanks for checking out my page and I hope you find something you like.

If you happen to try my Tutorials, and get lost along the way or find an error, Please dont hesitate to let me know. I do not have tutorial testers, and I do make mistakes and hate to confuse people. Thanks a bunch... Carmin theycallmetig@yahoo.com
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Extras HERE

***CDO Store CT Happy Koala & A Part of Your World
Artist: Tag 1:
©Elena Dudina  www.elenadudina.com
Artist  Tag 2  ©Destiny Lauritsen www.dalliann.com
2 Beautiful tubes @ (CDO) www.cdoestore.com
I love Koalas and I love Mermaids, so I loved working
With both artists work and enjoyed 2 very different
Styles of art which made the creativity flow… Head on over
To CDO and pick up these beautiful tubes or one of the
1000’s of others…. You can find the extras below.. 
Feel Free to check out the rest of my blog where
you will find all kinds of goodies from kits to 
Extras, Tutorials, and Other odds and ends:


***CDO Store CT Tube 9-1 by Carla Secco
©Carla Secco  www.carlaseccoart.wixsite.com/carla-secco-art
Her tubes and 1000’s of others can be found at
Creative Design Outlet (CDO)www.cdoestore.com An awesome tube
That made me think of a couple different themes and the one that won
Was calling all the angels. I used a kit made by me personally. And this
Tube really pops and makes you think of a variety of things So head on
over to CDO and snag this and many others and Happy Creating!!! You
can find the extras on my blog which is listed below..
Feel Free to check out my blog here for Extras, Tutorials, and Other
odds and ends: 

You can pick up my extras here :

Never thought I would be so interested in making kits..Well I cant say that because I have been buying stores and collecting for over 12-15 years now (WOW time has flown by) . while its a challenge and can be time consuming Its an awesome feeling when you complete each kit and of course nerves are up there as I hope people will like my creations...

Lots of Love (My first Kit) 

Feelin' Blue (My second Kit) 




***CDO Store C T
: Lix ©Lix www.lix.cat
Sassy. Naughty, and full of Attitude,
This new Lix tube can be purchased at CDO
An awesome tube to make all kinds of tags ranging from Goth
To Your rocking music tags, and even tags full of attitude.
Im sure I am leaving something out but just let your creativity
Feel Free to check out my blog here for Extras, Tutorials, and Other
odds and ends: 


***All Dolled Up Store CT
Kit Name: Witch 2

Designer: All Dolled Up
Artist: ©Alehandra Vanhek www.picsfordesign.com 
An awesome Halloween kit containing all kinds of
Goodies… Starting with 20 Papers that blew me away
They are so stunning, scenic, and colorful! Next, we have
145 Elements- skulls, spiders, pumpkins, lanterns
Flowers and so much more. You can pick this kit and many
Many more here:

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My tutorials are just that- Mine.In other words I really don't want them on other sites or translated. If you would like to share my tutorial then please do just that by sharing the link to my blog or a link straight to the tutorial. At the time I write the tutorial I use the artists website at the time as well as the kit designers link at the time and it would take quite some time to go back and edit all of my tutorials and posts to reflect all changes that happen. So if by chance you cant find something or a link I provided has gone bad please contact me and I will do my best to help! I write tutorials in hopes that others will use them as a guide and send me their results so I can also post others results to show people other samples other than my own. All tutorials are written by me and any resemblance is purely coincidental. I write my tutorials in PSP 9 but they should work with other versions as well. Not all tutorials are for beginners but all levels of creators are encouraged to try working on the following tutorials!!! Have fun... and be copyright safe!!!!





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