A Night Out CT Tag


***CT for Wicked Diabla

Kit: Night Out https://tinyurl.com/4cauu2cr

Artist:  Verymany www.verymanytubes.com  

     120 Elements and 15 papers in black and blue with elements to

Kick off a night out on the town. Music, Champaign, and Dancing

A way to unwind after a long work week- This kit has so many options

As to which way you want your tag to go so head on over and grab it

Now by clicking the link above.    

Purple Haze CT Tag


***Wicked Princess CT***

       Kit Name: incantation which can be found here:


       Artist: Amber www.vmartists.com

100 Elements, 9 Frames, 10 papers in beautiful shades of purples

and blue. Fantasy and Magic come together to make this stunning kit with

mushroom houses, haunted houses, and even tree houses along with

interesting little creatures and flowers galore. This kit gets the creative

juices flowing.. So head on over to Wicked Princess’

store and snag this beauty today along with many other beauties.


Easter Basket CT Tag


****CT Curious Creative Dreams****

Kit Name: Easter Basket Kit https://tinyurl.com/yckwpc8x

Artist: Verymany www.verymanytubes.com

      A Taggers Sized kit with 100 elements, 15 AI Elements, 14 papers,

and 10 frames, made to match Verymany’s Easter Eggs tube. The kit is

don’e in some of the prettiest shades of blue. Along her journey she

manages to find a friend. Only one wanted his picture taken the others all

scurried about afraid to be seen on camera. On a serious note this kit is

gorgeous and can make a variety of easter themed tags or a floral/outdoors

based tags.  


Wow, Its been a While

 I haven't posted in a while because I have been in the hospital on and off since September of last year I tried to post in between hospital stays.. I was put on a ventilator 3 times and each time they told my family I most likely wouldn't make it but I did obviously. I came off of the vent and I was so weak and couldn't even lift my arms and was struggling to breathe and it was terrible they called my family in and discussed what was going on and told my family it was time to say their goodbyes because I was in bad shape and I really thought it was the end as well and let me tell you I was scared shitless and wondered was it going to be painful or peaceful, I worried how my family was going to handle things, How my children were going to go on without me because I lost my mom when I was 30 and let me tell you it really broke my heart and I had a hard time handling it for a couple years to be honest.  Anyways, I obviously took a turn and made it and they sent me to a rehab facility where I really lost it and had several panic attacks, they took me off ALL of my meds that I have been on for years so that really messed with me and when and if  they gave me meds it wasn't what I was suppose to be taking and it didn't help me at all.In order to go home I had to be able to stand and transfer to another piece of furniture on my own and that sounds easy right?? Well it sucked because being in a hospital bed for so long I couldn't do that because my muscles weren't working so I had to work with therapy to get this done. Let me tell you when I was able to stand I cried. so we did that several times over the next few days, and I wanted to try and walk I was able to take a few steps each day a few more but I had bars to hold on to because I am not steady. well they released me from rehab center and I am home. I have to use a walker and I still tire very easily and its a challenge to get in and out out bed and I also have to be careful that I don't try and walk to far. I am happy to be alive first and foremost, I am happy to be home, I am happy to be back on my normal meds, and I am happy to be back with my internet friends that have sent so many prayers and positive vibes. You all are the best.. Thank you for taking time out of your days for me, and  thank you for thinking about me. I just cant thank you enough or express how much it means to me. but Im sending much love to all of you!!!


Ambiance- (Letting Go)


***CT for Moonshine Dezinez***

Kit:  Ambiance  

Artist:  Goldwasser. included with kit used with PicsforDesign License

PFD_CMG1198 This beautiful kit has 60 elements, 3 frames, 10 papers, and 1 tube for all

your tagging needs. You can find Moonshine Dezinez at all of the following


Digital Art Heaven (DAH)



Pics For Design (PFD)



Smiley Creations (SCS)



Digital Scrappin Depot





Wallpapeer :  https://www.dropbox.com/s/yyhbovd7ywfv2go/WP_Golwasser_LettingGooriginal_CCC.jpg?dl=0