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Feeling Lucky



**CT for Kizzed By Kelz

using the beautiful kit MiraStPatty which I paired with

a tube Barbara Jensen tube which can be found on her site


The Kit  can be found here:

·         Kizzed By Kelz Store: https://www.kizzedbykelz.com/

·         Pics for Design: https://picsfordesign.com/en/catalogue/id_171366_mira_st_patty.pix

A Gorgeous St Pattys Kit with over 150 elements and

16 papers. Lots of clovers, gold coins, and other things

People consider lucky on St Pats Day. You will find this kit

Easy to work with and hard to refrain from using all the elements

Feel Free to check out my blog for Extras, Tutorials,

and other odds and ends  https://tinyurl.com/y3m6uuce



Blossom by Blossom

 What you will need:

A Tube of your choosing- Im using the artwork of the talented 

Anna Marine  www.facebook.com/annamarineofficial

Plugins: AAA Frames, Muras Meister, Xero Fritillary

A kit of your choosing for elements to add to your banner

A quote or saying of your choice


  • Open a blank Transparent image 900x352

  • Copy and paste a tube of your choosing as a new layer 

  • Effects- Muras Meister- Line with default settings

  • Duplicate

  • on duplicated layer -Adjust- Blur- Gaussian Blur with a blur radius of 12 

  • Change the opacity to color and lower to 62 

  • Now change raster 2 to Normal 34

  • On raster 2 go to Effects-and select Brush strokes- crosshatch with the settings at 13, 6, 1

  • On copy of raster 2 go to effects, xero, fritillary 2 default settings 

  • repeat 

  • Now on raster 1 fill this with a color to match your tube 

  • Back on raster two choose effects- edge effects- enhance more so it brings the lines out 

  • Paste your tube as a new layer place to your liking 

  • Add a dropshadow to your tube (I used -5, 5, 100, 5, Black)

  • Now you can add flowers and things from one of your favorite scrap kits 
  • I just used the flowers that were on the tube and some sparkles

  • Once happy with placement of everything merge visible

  • Effects -AAA Frames- foto frame change width to 10 and click ok 

  • Now add your copyrights and quote or saying of your choosing

And there we go you now have our new banner 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial...


Love, Flowers, and Music


**CT for CDO and Wicked Princess Scraps  

I used the awesome art of ©Sybile Art  www.sybile.net

Tube 47-2 Just the love of flowers makes this tube jump

Out at me. In beautiful colors and easy to find a kit to match

Which is why I chose the Wicked Princess kit as the colors

Were a perfect match. Wicked Princess sells at CDO and her

Own private store… I think these two items combined made

A beautiful tag. If your interested you can see

what I am up to CT Wise or designing wise on my blog always



Toadally Enchanting Wallpaper

 ***Required ***


**CT for CDO www.cdoestore.com and Wicked Princess Scraps who sells at CDO and

https://wickedprincessscraps.com/store/ I used the awesome art of ©Abranda Icle Flaminio

www.abrandaicle.comTube 14-1 The gorgeous frog with butterfly wings makes me smile

I wanted to make something that felt Magical in which Wicked Princess

Has this beautiful kit that screams Magical!!! Its called Magical Fairy and
I made a wallpaper with these beauties and Hope you like it. You can see
what I am up to CT Wise or designing wise on my blog:

https://carminschaoticcreations.blogspot.com/ •○•♥•○•♥•○•♥•○•♥•○•♥•○•♥•○•♥•○•