Dark and Hazy

This tutorial is for those that have experience working knowledge of PSP. This tutorial was written by me on October 1, 2013 and any resemblance is purely coincidental. I use PSP 9, but any version should work. I do not allow my tutorials to be translated and please do not claim them as your own. If you would like to share your results than please feel free to contact me, I would love to see others results. You can email me at theycallmetig@yahoo.com  Thank you!

Things Needed:
Tube/Image of choice:  I am using the work of the talented EliasChatzoudis which can be purchased at his store which can be found HERE

Kit of choice: I am using a PTU kit called Living Dead Girl by Grunge and Glitter which can be purchased here at Pimp My Tags w/Scraps

Plugins:  xenofex 2, and a few Paintshop Pro inside filters (ie: Texture, Gaussian blur, etc…)

Masks/Templates:  None Needed

Other Items Needed:  Font of choice- I used:  Almibar Swash 2

Let’s Begin:
1)      Open a new image 850 x 300 72 DPI transparent ( This will be called our “working” image)
2)      Open paper  GG_LDG_paper10.jpg
3)      Duplicate this paper and close the original
4)      Effects- Image effects- seamless tiling at Default settings
5)      Change our foreground color to pattern and select the paper we just tiled
6)      Flood fill our working image with the paper (pattern)
7)      Now open GG_LDG_castle.png- duplicate and close the original
8)      Resize by 50% and place as a new layer on our working image
9)      Place to the left side of the working image (to your liking)
10)   Duplicate this layer
11)   Image- Mirror
12)   Now place this one to the right of our working image
13)   Once satisfied with placement merge this layer with the other castle layer
14)   Lower the opacity of this layer to 36
15)   Duplicate this layer
16)   Adjust-Blur- Gaussian Blur 10%
17)   Raise the opacity of this layer between 60 and 80 ( to your liking)
18)   Change this opacity to Luminance
19)   Move this layer below the other castle layer (so it should now have a hazy blur to it like mine below

20)   Now open GG_LDG_nightsky.png and place as a new layer on a working image
21)   Resize to your liking and lower the opacity to around 48%
22)   Open tombstones of your choice resize by 50% 3 times and 70% once
23)   Paste as a new layer on our working image
24)   Place to your liking and repeat steps 21-23 until you are happy with how your tombstones look
25)   Open the spider web – resize to your liking
26)   Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image
27)   Place the spider web to your liking and duplicate if you want more than one moving into placement of your choosing
28)   Now open your tube (resize to fit our tag)
29)   Copy and paste your tube as a new layer
30)   Place to your liking in the center of the tag to make sure our tag stays balanced
31)   Adjust the hue and saturation to 0,0 (grey scale)
32)   Duplicate our tube layer
33)   Adjust- blur- Gaussian blur 10%
34)   Move below our original tube layer
35)   Lower the opacity of the original tube layer to your liking
36)   Now place something small on a new layer in our working image
37)   Effects-Xenofex 2- Electrify
38)   On the basic tab use the following settings:
Arc Spacing 25.20
Arc Length 147.02
Arc thickness 14
Jaggedness 81
Branching 60
Branch Spread 60
Radiate from center checked
39)   On the glow tab use the following settings:
Glow Width: 5
Glow Opacity: 50
Both Colors set to white
40)   Now crop out the “something small” and place the lightning to your liking
41)   Duplicate and place lightning on the opposite side
42)   Move these lightning layers down so they appear to be behind everything else ( I placed them right above my pattern/background layer
43)   Image—add borders—Symmetric checked— Pixel size 2 , black for the color
44)   Image—add borders—Symmetric checked—Pixel size 10, another color within your tag
45)   Image—add borders—Symmetric checked— Pixel size 2 , black for the color
46)   Select the middle border with our magic wand
47)   Effects—Texture Effects—Blinds: width 4, Opacity 14, Light from top left checked—color set to white and click okay
48)   Resize now if you would like to shrink the tag down some
49)   Add your copyrights  and name

There you have it our tag is now complete! I really hope that you like the results and I would love to see YOUR results... Feel free to email me at theycallmetig@yahoo.com