An Update on Me

I am going to say this straight forward and to the point. I have been held back so much lately by my illesses that I havent had time to play in PSP to often BUT I never completely give up. I will work with things as I am allowed. I love PSP but when Lupus and Fibro flare up I can't be on my computer comfortably and I get so so mad at myself. I know I shouldnt get mad at myself but I have times when I feel so worn out, dragged out, and beat to a pulp, but I still keep trying. It might take me longer to get my CT work done but I ALWAYS do. I will always complete my tasks no matter how long it takes me.
The weather is changing drastically, I wanted to get out and take pictures of the trees changing color but that didnt happen. They changed colors and then the next day the leaves were on the ground. Talk about not wasting no time lol.
I guess I am going to get my PSP open and see what I can come up with.... Hopefully something Pretty!!!

My Try at CDO Challenge

I had a challenge that I took part in with the CDO Diamond group. I chose to do one of Fi's Tutorials called Magical and here are my results.. I made 2 tags with 2 different artists so I really like them both lol ...

Here are my results:

thank you Fi for such a great tut.