Bad Girl

***CDO Store C T
: Lix ©Lix www.lix.cat
Sassy. Naughty, and full of Attitude,
This new Lix tube can be purchased at CDO
An awesome tube to make all kinds of tags ranging from Goth
To Your rocking music tags, and even tags full of attitude.
Im sure I am leaving something out but just let your creativity
Feel Free to check out my blog here for Extras, Tutorials, and Other
odds and ends: 


A Witches Sparkle

***All Dolled Up Store CT
Kit Name: Witch 2

Designer: All Dolled Up
Artist: ©Alehandra Vanhek www.picsfordesign.com 
An awesome Halloween kit containing all kinds of
Goodies… Starting with 20 Papers that blew me away
They are so stunning, scenic, and colorful! Next, we have
145 Elements- skulls, spiders, pumpkins, lanterns
Flowers and so much more. You can pick this kit and many
Many more here:


Powerful and Corny

This tutorial is for those that have a working knowledge of PSP. This tutorial was written by me on October 11,2019  and any resemblance is purely coincidental. I use PSP 9, but any version should work. I do not allow my tutorials to be translated and please do not claim them as your own. If you would like to share the tutorial, please send a link to my blog.  Thank you!

Things Needed: -
·         Tube/Image of choice: I am using the work of ©Ed Mironiuk www.edmironiuk.com. His awesome tubes can be found at CDO www.cdoestore.com
·         Kit of choice: No kit being used 
·         Plugins: Filters unlimited -VM Toolbox, Muras Meister,
·         Masks: no mask needed
·         Template: No Template
·         Font of Choice: I am using pleasingly plump
·         Animation, or other items used: No animations used
Let’s Begin:
1.)    Alright here we go
2.)    Make a new transparent image size 800*800 (This is our working image), which we will resize in the end if we choose to
3.)    Open your tube
4.)    Resize by 85% Twice and 75% Once
5.)    copy and then paste as a new layer on our working image
6.)    If you desire duplicate twice and place to your liking and then merge visible
7.)    Duplicate layer
8.)    On the bottom layer go to effects- Muras Meister- Copies using the settings below:

9.)    Resize by 75%
10.)  Open filters unlimited and highlight VM Toolbox and have your settings like image below

12.)  Effects- Edge Effects- Enhance more
13.)  Add a drop shadow of your choice to both the tube and the background
14.)  Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance More
15.) If you would like to resize do so now
16.) Add your copyrights and any text you want and we are done…
I woujld love to see your results….




CT Results Avril By Ishika Chowdhury

***CT for Ishika Chowdhury
Avril Tube found here at Scraps and Company
Beautiful tube to include in your creations.
The tube comes in multiple colors and can
Be used to create all kinds or tags,
There are two matching kits one by
Kizzed by Kelz called Nix which can be purchased
and another by Bibi which can be found here:


September CDO CT Work

***CDO CT*** Required
Featuring art by
©Christine Kotlark www.artofchristinemarie.com
©Kuarma Phoenix www.kuramaphoenix.pt.vu
You can by their tubes at CDO https://www.cdoestore.com


Grandmas Garden CT

***All Dolled Up CT***
Kit: Grandmas Garden by Fantasy Catz Design
Tag Artist: ©Chris Pasttel www.chrispasteltubes.fr  
A very cute kit with 6 frames, 10 papers, and 150 Elements,
This kit is another one where things just fell into place… Lots
Of beautiful flowers and gardening goodies. Between the tube
And the kit it looks as if this woman is taking time to reminisce
And be surrounded by beautiful flowers… You can grab this kit
and many others here at All Dolled Up
and feel free to check out my blog


Soft Fairy

***CDO CT*** Required
Featuring art by ©Anna Liwanag www.cdoestore.com
You can by her gorgeous tubes and so many more at
and I know there are many options for your pretty tags. Please
feel free to roam about my blog. 


August CT work CDO- SeaLife and Splish Splash

***CDO CT*** Required
Featuring art by ©Marika www.lovemarika.weebly.com
You can by her tubes at CDO https://www.cdoestore.com
Such a cute and sassy tube. Tag name splish splash.
You can find extras HERE:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/zd44gpajjkjq5hm/MarikaExtras01.zip?dl=0

***CDO CT*** Required
Featuring art by ©Simona Candini www.simonacandini.com  
You can by her tubes at CDO https://www.cdoestore.com
Adorable Mermaid whose dream is to find love and is willing to search
Forever on land and in sea.  Tag name SeaLife
You can find extras HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e9y5wxcn8yyjyks/SCE.zip?dl=0


Autumn Beauty

***CT for Savage Dezines. ,
Two Peas in a Pod, and; All Dolled up Store CT,
Tag Artist 1: ©Barbara Jensen www.barbarajensentubes.com
Tag Artist 2: PinkDollBubble  http://sweet-pinup.de/
A Stunning kit filled with all kinds of autumn goodies
Including a beautiful tube by Julia Fox or even the lil cutie
I used by Pink  Bubble. You get 165 elements, 10 frames,
And 25 amazing papers to work with and make you feel like
You are surrounded by Nature and enjoying Autumns Beauty.
Trees Leaves, branches, flowers, pumpkins, Lanterns. Candles and
so much more. Hop on over and grab this great kit from one of these
awesome stores 
Two Peas In a Pod:
Feel free to browse around my blog for Extras, Tutorials, or even just to see my tag designs... 


NIx Tags CT For Ishika Chowdhury Resultscar

***CT for Ishika Chowdhury
Nix Tube found here at Scraps and Company
Beautiful Mermaid tube named Nix, comes in
Multiple colors for the tail, crown, and
Head on over to Scraps N Company and
Snag her up today! You can find her here:
There are two matching kits one by
Kizzed by Kelz called Nix which can be purchased
and another by Lil Mzs . Brainstorm which is
currently not in any stores.