Just Another Rant......

               Well I havent posted anything lately and I wanted to let everyone know why- I have been down and out. My fibro is horrible with this dang winter weather!!! Rain, Snow, Sleet, and cold winds have been driving me nuts. My whole body hurts from head to toe, and now I have a lupus flare up. Its like everytime I see the light at the end of the tunnel I get hit with something else. I feel so much like a burden to my family and friends sometimes, and yes I know thats not the way they think of me, but really I truly deep in my heart feel that way at times....Its so hard to feel like Im not when I cant seem to get any motivation to do ANYTHING lately.
               I must admit I am going through some serious Paint Shop Pro withdrawals, I need to open it and make something pretty! I want to get my CT things done, I want to make a couple kits, and just get lost within the program for a bit as I need an escape before I end up losing my mind.
               I want to thank those who follow me, those who stay on my always list and wait for tags knowing that I just havent been myself lately! I appreciate all of you. I cant thank my Family, my Friends, and my Online Buddies for not just giving up on me. I am planning on cleaning up my facebook to get rid of some people (mainly gaming members), and people that I dont know! So if your not part of my Family, friends, or PSP Buddies I will be cleaning it up. If you are on my Facebook and are there for PSP friends and tut info and what not and want to remain on my facebook please let me  know, and if you accidently get deleted, and were wanting to stay on my facebook  please message me. 
                I am off to start on things that I need to get done...
Hugs, Love, Peace and Happiness,


Sand and Sea-Cluster Frame

Today I bring you some Freebies that I made using yet another beautiful kit from Laurrie of CheyOkota Digital Scraps.You can purchase her kits from here, This kit is called Sand and Sea, its beautiful and there is soooooooo many wonderful elements and my cluster doesnt even begin to show you how many more cool items are available or how many beautiful papers are within this kit. As you can see my blog layout was done with this same kit...I absolutely love it!!!!

Download Cluster Here
I hope you can find a use for this Cluster, I absolutely love it and hope you all do too.