BCA2013 Tutorial Part 2

This tutorial is for those that have a working knowledge of PSP. This tutorial was written by me on November 25, 2013 and any resemblance is purely coincidental. I use PSP 9, but any version should work. I do not allow my tutorials to be translated and please do not claim them as your own. If you would like to share the tutorial please send a link to my blog.  Thank you!

Things Needed:
Tube/Image of choice:  I am using one by the Talented Mitzi Sato which was available as an exclusive to Taking Back PSP 1.  So you will need a tube of your choosing unless you were part of TBP.

Kit of choice: I am using Danielle Corbitt’s   part of a Breast Cancer Collab that is only available at Pimp My Tags withScraps Store
Plugins: Effects/Texture/Blinds  found within the program

Masks/Templates: Mask of your choosing I used Becky Mask O21 and I have searched but can’t find her personal site but if anyone knows the location please email me so I can point others in the right direction

Font of choice
Let’s Begin:

1)      Open a new image 600 x 600 with resolution of 72 DPI and transparent (this will be known as our working image.)

2)      Open both dcorbitt_savetheboobies_frames1.png and dcorbitt_savetheboobies_frame2.png

3)      Copy Frame 2 and paste as a new layer on our working image

4)      Now copy Frame 1 and paste as a new layer on our working image

5)      Duplicate this layer

6)      Now we will move the frames and put them together to our personal liking

7)      Once satisfied with your placement  open papers of your choosing

8)      You can use all the different papers or all one pattern the choice is up to you

9)      I used paper 13 for the center frame,paper 8 for the 2 outside frames on the other frame, and last I used paper  14 for the centers of frames1
      10)   Open dcorbitt_savetheboobies_bowwithkey.png and resize by 50%

11)   Place the key on the left on our rectangular frame

12)   Open a flower of your choosing, I used flower 2, and I placed it over the center of the bow on the string for the key and in a couple of the frames as well

13)   Once happy with your flower placement add a drop shadow to your flowers, frames (if you choose to do so) and the key layer

14)   The Drop shadow I used is 0,0, 100, 5.00, black,  shadow on new layer Unchecked

15)   Open your tube at this time

16)   Copy and paste as a new layer

17)   Move this layer down to the layer below our center frame

18)   Using your selection tool draw a rectangle to match our frame

19)   Selections- invert

20)   Now hit delete on our keyboard so that the tube in now within the frame and cropped to fit

21)   Duplicate this layer

22)   Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur with a radius of 5        

23)   Change the opacity of this layer to Hard Light

24)   Select the original layer of the  tube and you can add a texture of your choosing  

25)   Now as for our other frames I am going to put bits and pieces of the original tube in these frames

26)   I am selecting the top 3 and pasting my tube as a new layer

27)   Selections- invert- and hit delete on the keyboard

28)   Select None

29)    You can leave as is (this is where you get creative, I chose to apply blinds to the top 3 cluster frame using the following settings:  Width 2, opacity 65, Light pink for the color (obviously if your image is a different color than I used and I had both boxes checked Horizontal and Light from top left)

30)   Reapply the blinds UNchecking Horizontal

31)   Now if you want to change the looks of things a bit for the bottom three frame I recommend rotating your tube to the left/or right

32)   Click inside the bottom 3 frames and expand your selection by 3

33)   Copy your tube once you have rotated it and paste as a new layer

34)   Selections- Invert

35)   Hit Delete on our keyboard once again

36)   Select none

37)   Add your drop shadow

38)    I added a couple roses to the tag in areas I thought could use a little pop feel free to add more elements at this time before we resize our tag.

39)   Resize at this time if you choose to do so

40)   Add your name and copyrights now

41)   New Raster Layer

42)   Arrange- Send Layer to Bottom

43)   Layers- Load Save Mask of your choosing ( I used Becky Mask 021

44)   Merge group

45)   I added Texture Blinds once more

46)   Merge all layers visible

47)   Now export your image as a transparent PNG

48)   There we have it were are done with our new tag J I would love to see your results




BCA- Tag 01-PMTwS Save the Boobies Collab

Yes, I know Im a little behind but I really wanted to work with the collab from Pimp My Tags w/ Scraps called "Save the Boobies" so I am working with it and I have to say that every Designers part is remarkable!!!

This tag was made using Alikas Scraps portion. and I used the amazing tube by the talented Keith Garvey. This is an exclusive tube that can only be used if you donated to Taking Back PSP 1.