CDO Tags Happy Koala and Part of Your World

Extras HERE

Extras HERE

***CDO Store CT Happy Koala & A Part of Your World
Artist: Tag 1:
©Elena Dudina  www.elenadudina.com
Artist  Tag 2  ©Destiny Lauritsen www.dalliann.com
2 Beautiful tubes @ (CDO) www.cdoestore.com
I love Koalas and I love Mermaids, so I loved working
With both artists work and enjoyed 2 very different
Styles of art which made the creativity flow… Head on over
To CDO and pick up these beautiful tubes or one of the
1000’s of others…. You can find the extras below.. 
Feel Free to check out the rest of my blog where
you will find all kinds of goodies from kits to 
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Calling all the Angels Tag using art of Carla Secco

***CDO Store CT Tube 9-1 by Carla Secco
©Carla Secco  www.carlaseccoart.wixsite.com/carla-secco-art
Her tubes and 1000’s of others can be found at
Creative Design Outlet (CDO)www.cdoestore.com An awesome tube
That made me think of a couple different themes and the one that won
Was calling all the angels. I used a kit made by me personally. And this
Tube really pops and makes you think of a variety of things So head on
over to CDO and snag this and many others and Happy Creating!!! You
can find the extras on my blog which is listed below..
Feel Free to check out my blog here for Extras, Tutorials, and Other
odds and ends: 

You can pick up my extras here :


OMG Carmins Selling Kits

Never thought I would be so interested in making kits..Well I cant say that because I have been buying stores and collecting for over 12-15 years now (WOW time has flown by) . while its a challenge and can be time consuming Its an awesome feeling when you complete each kit and of course nerves are up there as I hope people will like my creations...

Lots of Love (My first Kit) 

Feelin' Blue (My second Kit)