The StreetzTutorial

This tutorial is for those that have a working knowledge of PSP. This tutorial was written by me on August 13, 2018 and any resemblance is purely coincidental. I use PSP 9, but any version should work. I do not allow my tutorials to be translated and please do not claim them as your own. If you would like to share the tutorial, please send a link to my blog.  Thank you!

Things Needed:
·         Tube/Image of choice: I am using tubes by Misstigri 7-2 and 7-3  
·         Kit of choice: I used Urban Skate by Pink Paradox  
·         Plugins:None
·         Masks:  Masks of choice I used WSL_Mask411.jpg http://weescotslasscreations.blogspot.com/ 
·         Template: None
·        Font of Choice: Painterz which can be found here https://www.dafont.com/painterz.font 
·         Animation, or other items used:None     
Let’s Begin:
1.)    Open Urban Skate Frames (6).png
2.)    Hit Shift Duplicate on your keyboard and close the original
3.)    Now back to our frame
4.)    Image- resize by 50%
5.)    Click in the center of our frame with your magic wand
6.)    Selections- Modify- expand by 10
7.)    Add a new raster layer
8.)    Open Urban Skate Papers (38).jpg
9.)    Copy and paste into selection
10.)  Now move this layer to the bottom, (below your frame)
11.)  Select None
12.)  Open your tubes of choice and resize if needed (I resized mine by 70%)
13.)  Copy and Paste each tube as a new layer on our working image
14.)  Open Urban Skate (1).png
15.)  Resize by 65% TWICE
16.)  Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image
17.)  Move to the left
18.)  Add a nice drop shadow (I used 0.3.100,10 Black)
19.)  Duplicate this layer
20.)  Image- Mirror
21.)  Open Urban Skate (122).png
22.)  Resize by 65% TWICE
23.)  Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image
24.)  Move to the left of your tag
25.)  Duplicate
26.)  Image- Mirror
27.)  Open Urban Skate (104).png
28.)  Resize by 65% TWICE
29.)   Now move to the top of the frame and arrange to your liking ( I moved mine to the bottom as I wanted the city to look like it was in the background)
30.)  Open Urban Skate (82).png and resize by 30% and then again by 50%
31.)  Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image
32.)  Move to the right of our frame and place it to look as if its hanging on the brick wall
33.)  Open Urban Skate (178).png and resize by 50%
34.)  Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image
35.)  Add a nice drop shadow or gradient glow of your choice (I used white to make it pop a little more)
36.)  Open Urban Skate (115).png
37.)  Resize by 50%
38.)  Place to the right of your tag and drag down below your frame layer
39.)  Add a drop shadow of choice (I used 0,3,100,10, black)
40.)  Open Urban Skate (109).png
41.)  Resize by 50 % and again by 70%
42.)  Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image
43.)  Add a drop shadow
44.)  Duplicate- Image- Mirror
45.)  Open Urban Skate (171).png 
46.)  Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image
47.)  Move to the bottom and have it so it looks as if the dumpsters are on the grass
48.)  Open Urban Skate (146).png
49.)  Resize by 15%
50.)  Copy and paste as a new layer
51.)  Duplicate as many times as you want and place them to your liking
52.)  Now pick a few items of “Trash” and resize to your liking placing them at the base of each dumpster
53.)  Open Urban Skate (2).png
54.)  Resize by 25%
55.)  Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image and place to your liking
56.)  Open 2 papers (I used paper 28 and 9
57.)  I put Paper 28 at the very bottom and then paper 9 right above it
58.)  Now open your mask
59.)  Layers- New Mask Layer – From Image
60.)  Select your mask from the drop down menu
61.)  Merge group
62.) Now apply your mask to your 2nd paper
63.) I did this, so the mask wasn’t completely see through
64.) Merge group
65.) Merge visible
66.)  Image- Resize by 70% (Or to your liking) all layers
67.) Add your copyrights and name
I would love to see your results… Feel free to email me



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