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My Name is Carmin I am a 42 Year old Mother to 2 Handsome young men.I at times feel overwhelmed with my health, so WHEN and IF I ever get time I like to play in PSP.I have been working with PSP for just over 20 years now, even though there was a lot of trial and error learning on my own, I got by... I am now trying to learn to also create in photoshop.Talk about trial and error lol. Im new to the whole scrapping aspect of things and as I create and learn I will share them with you. Thanks for checking out my page and I hope you find something you like.

If you happen to try my Tutorials, and get lost along the way or find an error, Please dont hesitate to let me know. I do not have tutorial testers, and I do make mistakes and hate to confuse people. Thanks a bunch... Carmin theycallmetig@yahoo.com
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RIP MOM! I love and miss you more with EVERY passing day!

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This tutorial is for those that have a working knowledge of PSP. This tutorial was written by me on August 12, 2018 and any resemblance is purely coincidental. I use PSP 9, but any version should work. I do not allow my tutorials to be translated and please do not claim them as your own. If you would like to share the tutorial, please send a link to my blog.  Thank you!

Things Needed:
·         Tube/Image of choice: August’s Sheena Pike Bonus tube for spending 10.00 or more on her tubes in the month of August only available at CDO
·         Kit of choice: IB Sheena Pike August 2018 kit by LadyHawwk Designs which is for sale at CDO
·         Plugins:  Muras Meister Copies, BkG Designer sf10 I, Tramages- Tow The Line
·         Masks:  None
·         Template: None
·         Font of Choice: I used Dhanikans Signature
·         Animation, or other items used: none
Let’s Begin:
1.)    Open a new transparent image 851 x 351 72DPI (this will be referred to as our working image and, we can resize once we are done with our tag. It just gives us more room just in case!)
2.)    Open your tube and paste as a new layer on our working image
3.)    Muras Meister- Copies- Wallpaper rotate- default settings (the entire canvas should be covered now)
4.)    Adjust- Blur- Gaussian Blur- radius 10
5.)    Effects- BkG Designer sf10 I Cruncher Default settings APPLY 3 times
6.)    Duplicate this layer
7.)    Effects- Tramages- Tow the Line- Default settings
8.)    You can move this layer up or down to get the lines to your liking
9.)    Copy and paste your tube as a new layer
10.) Resize if you would like
11.)  Duplicate this layer
12.)  On the top copy Adjust- Blur- Gaussian Blur radius of 10
13.)  Now playing with the Opacity Layer properties leave at 100 and change to hard light or one of your choosing
14.)  Open LHD_IB-Pike-Aug18-bt-Ele6.png and resize by 60 %
15.)  Paste as a new layer on out working image
16.)  Move to the bottom left of your tube and place to your liking
17.)  Duplicate
18.)  Image- Mirror
19.)  Add drop shadow of your choosing now
20.)  Open LHD_IB-Pike-Aug18-bt-Ele11.png and resize by 60%
21.)  Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image and move to the far left and then move the layer down so the white rose is behind and to the left of the red rose
22.)  Duplicate
23.)  Image- Mirror
24.)  Open LHD_IB-Pike-Aug18-bt-Ele4.png
25.)  Copy and paste as a new layer on our working image moving to the right of your tube
26.)  Add your drop shadow
27.)  Open LHD_IB-Pike-Aug18-bt-Ele18.png
28.)  Resize by 60%
29.)  Copy and paste as a new layer on your working image moving to the left side of your tube
30.)  Add your drop shadow
31.)  Open LHD_IB-Pike-Aug18-bt-Ele17.png and resize by 60%
32.)  Paste as a new layer on our working image
33.)  Move to the left with the teapot
34.)  Add your drop shadow once again
35.)  Add any other elements you would like at this time
36.)  Now we are going to select the area of our tag that we want to use for out avatar
37.)  Using the selection tool draw out a square roughly180 x 180 through 200 x 200 (it doesn’t have to be exact as we will crop it here in a sec
38.)  Once you have a square around the area that you want to use for your avatar- right click on the title bar- copy merged
39.)  Now let’s see how you did on size Image- Canvas Size- I have mine at 185 x 185 with the center button ticked (choose the size you want it to be here)
40.)  Okay now back to our timeline working image
41.)  Selections- Select none
42.)  Highlight the top layer and add a new raster layer
43.)  Flood fill with a color of your choosing
44.)  Selections- Select all- selections- modify
45.)  Contract- by 1
46.)  Tap the delete key once on your keyboard
47.)  Selections- modify- contract by 1
48.)  Flood Fill with another complimentary color
49.)  Selections- Modify- Contract change it to 3
50.)  Tap delete once again on your keyboard
51.)  Selections- Select None
52.)  Open LHD_IB-Pike-Aug18-bt-Paper4.jpg
53.)  Now I put this above our background layer lowered the opacity to 34 and changed it to Luminance Legacy
54.)  Duplicated and moved the copy above the tube layer lowered the opacity to 52 and changed the layer to overlay
55.)  Now bring up your avatar working image and repeat steps 42-51 on your avatar image  and then repeat step 54
56.)  Now with your top layer selected on both add your drop shadow
57.)  Now add your credits Please do not use illegal images, Artists need to pay bills too, also add your name or sayings and you will be finished, I hope you like your results!! (I would love to see them!)


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My tutorials are just that- Mine.In other words I really don't want them on other sites or translated. If you would like to share my tutorial then please do just that by sharing the link to my blog or a link straight to the tutorial. At the time I write the tutorial I use the artists website at the time as well as the kit designers link at the time and it would take quite some time to go back and edit all of my tutorials and posts to reflect all changes that happen. So if by chance you cant find something or a link I provided has gone bad please contact me and I will do my best to help! I write tutorials in hopes that others will use them as a guide and send me their results so I can also post others results to show people other samples other than my own. All tutorials are written by me and any resemblance is purely coincidental. I write my tutorials in PSP 9 but they should work with other versions as well. Not all tutorials are for beginners but all levels of creators are encouraged to try working on the following tutorials!!! Have fun... and be copyright safe!!!!



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