CT for CDO




**CT For CDO

I used the awesome art of ©Keith Garvey from his new

Pack 359 tube 359-1 which is stunning She looks like she

Is really lost in thought and I paired her with Ladyhawwks

Portion of the collab called Forever Loved Tonya which was

A freebie collab in honor and memory of Tonya. You can find

Keith’s newest tube pack here:


and all kinds of kits from the designers of CDO here:





**CT For CDO

I used the awesome art of ©Julia Spiri from pack 11 tube 11-2

I absolutely adore fairies and when I saw this tube, I thought

She was beautiful and loved how she looks as if nothing can

Bother her as she is in complete bliss. You can find the tube here

At CDO:  https://www.cdoestore.com/product-p/juliaspiri-11-2.htm


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